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You might be one of the millions of people suffering from painful, debilitating arthritis in your joints. Fortunately, board-certified orthopedic surgeons, Brian Mehling, MD, and Pavel Yufit, MD, offer a range of solutions from pain-relieving injections and regenerative medicine to surgery and joint replacements at Mehling Orthopedics with multiple offices in Hackensack, New Jersey, or West Islip New York. Don’t let nagging joint pain hamper your daily life. Start by booking your personal consultation online or call the friendly office staff today.

Arthritis Q & A

What is arthritis?

Arthritis refers to inflammation in your joints resulting from the breakdown of joint cartilage. This serves as a cushion allowing for free movement of your bones. There are various different types of arthritis with unique symptoms, all of which cause swelling, pain, and stiffness.

Osteoarthritis, particularly of the knee, is the most common form of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition that results from gradual wear-and-tear and can destroy cartilage. Over time, this can lead to the bones rubbing against each other.

With arthritic conditions, stiffness and pain can come and go in flares and the severity can vary by time of day and activity. The symptoms of arthritis can cause significant discomfort and even prevent you from performing simple tasks that used to seem easy, like climbing stairs or opening a jar.

Who gets arthritis?

Arthritis can affect anyone, but the risk heightens with aging and weight gain. Certain occupations, such as those that require repetitive squatting or knee bending, as well as infections, are also associated with arthritis.

How is arthritis treated?

Treatment for arthritis typically starts with lifestyle changes and physical therapy. To alleviate pain and swelling and enhance movement, your surgeon works with you to develop a personalized exercise plan to minimize joint strain while also helping you to stay active.

If you’re suffering from many kinds of arthritis, such as knee, wrist, or ankle arthritis, an assistive device, like a brace, can be helpful. Your orthopedic surgeon might also prescribe medications to target swelling and pain.

With more severe conditions, conservative treatments might not be sufficient.

Mehling Orthopedics also provides regenerative medicine and intra-articular injections to effectively deliver medication directly to your affected joint, add cushioning and lubricating substances, and provide steroids to rapidly decrease swelling and pain.

Surgery is recommended in the most problematic of cases where weight-bearing joints are severely deteriorated. Mehling Orthopedics offers various orthopedic surgeries for arthritis, including:

  • Joint repair
  • Joint replacement
  • Joint fusion

New or surgically repaired joints function better than your old damaged joints and can last a lifetime.

With arthritis, early diagnosis and treatment are essential to minimize damage, reduce pain, and maximize mobility. To live pain-free and stay active, call Mehling Orthopedics or book your personal consultation online.